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CertiPlus Global Certification Programs is a Multinational Association that provide Customized Certification Solutions for several Professional requirements accompanied by its Offices situated in USA and other countries. Professionals keep appearing for the Certifications all over from USA, Europe and Asia. The organization’s power is to distribute standard certification solutions to continue a Multinational standard.

We recommend a broad portfolio of globally acknowledged certifications that comprise Project Management, Certified Sales and Marketing Professional, Business Management Professional, Certified Cloud Computing Certifications, Data Center, Information Security Certifications, Premium IT Certifications, Certified Software Tester, Professional Management, Lean Six Sigma, ISO and many more. CertiPlus Certifications are extensively acquired and accepted by Major Industry Professionals, Corporates and various Institutions.

The RoadMap Ahead

CertiPlus is working extensively to establish as the market leader by providing approximate and globally recognized certification. Goal is not just bounded to providing standard projects and Internationally Accepted Certification, but we also put efforts for making the exam process easy for our students. 

We also work to connect the right professionals with the right organizations that form a part of our social individualism and self-expression. We at CertiPlus comprehend the necessities and demands of different industries that inspires us to unfold unroll expand transform and facilitate/proceed with the degree of our examinations and Certifications. Besides that we also trust in absolute visibility which permits the market leaders and employers to receive the Certifications of the Verified Candidates always.

Associations and Accrediations

CERTIPLUS GLOBAL CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS is a Self-supporting Autonomous Global Association which means that Our Activities are monitored and regulated by an Independent Governing Body ensuring the Integrity of our Certification Process and its Continuing Compliance with the requirements of the International accreditation criteria. We continuously follow the aim of Raising the Quality of the Certifications provided by us. Our Certified Professionals belong to almost every part of the world. Being an International Body, CertiPlus Global Certification Programs, is one among the Big Organisations in the its Sector. We sustain a global network and provide assistance for High Level Certification Programs in almost every domain of the IT Industry which are now in Great Demand and further increasing. Our aim is to expand the knowledge about the significance of Good Quality and Skillful Professionals every field.

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